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waddle dee wild day2{updated}

2008-11-22 11:24:38 by Ferris98

were currently takeing a brake from this flash seires, so enjoy some of our different, newer flashes.

my NG Lvl. Icon...

2008-09-02 18:59:05 by Ferris98

I was bored n' made this! :p

my NG Lvl. Icon...

Waddle Dee Wild Day.

2008-08-31 15:35:37 by Ferris98

Finally, i start flash with my brother, ferris95 : )! we're currently working on a flash series called "Waddle Dee's Wild Day". we have recently finshed the first one, and are working on the second.We're hopping to finish it by Friday. I'll also be working on some solo flashes.